About us

Kensone was founded in 2013 as a professional trampoline company wholly focused on developing, manufacturing and marketing trampolines.

In 2020, Kensone introduced its first line of trampolines after years of R&D and testing. To ensure top quality, we brought in a 3-person trampoline design team from the UK - Tom, Bob and Annabel. Under Tom's leadership, the team spent a year prototyping, testing and optimizing.

The first Kensone trampoline series showcased several innovations:

1.The use of our proprietary kensfles technology provides superior bounce.
2.The net design considers the needs of different age groups for safe jumping.
3.The steel frame is aesthetically designed to be sturdy yet withstand huge impact.

Before launch, Kensone stations professional QC teams in the factory to inspect every single trampoline, ensuring each one meets rigorous safety and quality controls. Any product falling short of standards gets reworked.

Targeting families, individuals and outdoor enthusiasts alike, Kensone trampolines deliver an exceptional bouncing experience with their excellent engineering and meticulous manufacturing.

Our Design Process

Building the Best Through Innovation

Our talented design team meticulously crafts each product from the initial concept to the finished blueprint. Hundreds of sketches and prototypes later, using the latest 3D modeling software, we arrive at the optimal trampoline design. Our rigorous collaboration ensures every product exceeds safety, durability, and pure enjoyment standards.

From Innovative Design to Caring Delivery

Our talented design team pours their passion into creating the optimal trampolines. And our caring support teams ensure those excellent designs are delivered quickly and responsibly, with robust quality inspections, speedy shipping, and 24/7 customer service. We pride ourselves on both design excellence and customer happiness.


Fast Delivery that Exceeds Expectations

Kensone utilizes efficient warehouses and reliable logistics to ensure every order is quickly shipped. We aim to deliver all trampolines safely in the shortest time possible, so our customers can start jumping as soon as possible!

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Rigorous Quality Control For Total Peace of Mind

Our rigorous quality inspections ensure only flawless trampolines ship out. If any product is imperfect, we immediately send it back for rework. You can trust us to deliver consistent quality.

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Customer Satisfaction is Our Top Priority

At Kensone, the customer comes first. Our entire company is built around the goal of 100% customer satisfaction through providing caring support, lightning-fast response times, and going the extra mile to solve any issue. Our customer's happiness is the accurate measure of our success.

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