Burned Calories

The higher you jump, the more calories will be burnt.

Released Hormones

When l jumped on it, l always laughed.

Benefits of Trampoline

Exercising on a trampoline provides numerous benefits for all age groups. Teenagers can improve balance, increase bone density, and maintain bone mass. Kids can enhance their flexibility and mental alertness. For adults, it’s an enjoyable way to lose weight, stay fit, and boost detoxification and body cleansing. It’s also excellent for patients recovering from injury and those with ankle, knee, or hip pain, offering low-impact cardio and strength training for older adults.



Amazing mini trampoline, very sturdy while lightweight, easy to use and great tool to exercise at home! easily foldable for small space, I love it and recommend it!

Elsa Sleiman

This rebounder is nice and sturdy. Coming from someone who hates assembling things, this wasn’t too bad. Most people will find this pretty easy to assemble.


My kids love it. I bought this because I heard it helps with lymphatic drainage, and really like it. It’s very sturdy and is made from good quality materials. If you are looking for an in house trampoline I think it could be a very good choice.


I am happy with this product, it is a-lot of fun to jump, brings up my mute and overall health. Recommend to everybody! Use it with your favorite music. Customer service is great as well.


Really like the handle. It's also got a tighter bounce which I like too. I'm older and don't want to lose my balance getting on or off. I think it's an ideal size and not too large for my needs. I get plenty of exercise especially for my calves.

EM Neuk

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