From 40 to 48 inches, our mini trampolines suit any training need. Galvanized springs in counts from 32 to 36 offer subtler to stronger bounce. Adjustable handrails on select models provide customizable support. Easy assembly and foldable steel frames maximize convenience, while heavy duty builds satisfy users of all fitness levels. Find your perfect trampoline and upgrade your home workouts now.
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      • Maximus 48 Inch Fitness Trampoline = 330 Pounds

      • Maximus 40 Inch Fitness Trampoline = 450 Pounds

      For instructions on how to fold the trampoline, please click here to access the relevant tutorial.

      To purchase a replacement leg, click here.

      For detailed instructions on installing the trampoline's bar, please refer to the assembly manual that comes with your trampoline, or click here to view our prepared image and video tutorials.

      • For damages within one year of purchase, a free replacement pad/cover is provided.

      • After one year, you can purchase replacement pads/covers. Click here for purchasing options.

      The 40-inch mini trampoline features 32 springs, whereas the 48-inch mini trampoline comes with 36 springs.

      If parts are missing from your package, please take a photo of the outer box and provide your order number. Then, email this information to us for assistance. We will address the issue promptly.