Mom Amanda's Easy Trampoline Assembly for Indoor Play

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Mom Amanda wanted an entertaining indoor activity for her young son. She decided to get the Kensone 36" Mini Trampoline for Kids after being impressed by its easy assembly and quality.



In this video, Amanda first unpacks all the parts - springs, frame, mat, safety pad and tools. She shows the clear instructions manual.



Amanda describes putting it together as quick and easy. Most steps just snap into place using pressure, without tools. She and her son work together, with him handing her each part which she fits together.



In minutes, the frame is fully assembled. Amanda then attaches the jumping mat evenly with springs, making it flat and secure. Finally she adds the padded cover, which has a fun dinosaur pattern her son loves.



With the trampoline ready, her son jumps and plays excitedly. Amanda is thrilled it was so quick to assemble and how much fun her son is having. She highly recommends this easy trampoline that provides safe indoor play.

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