This round outdoor trampoline is available in 8', 10', and 12' sizes to fit your space. They're made of galvanized rust-resistant steel with UV-resistant pads for a safe and durable bounce. These weatherproof trampolines feature ASTM-certified safety fence mesh, a reinforced frame, and a gap-free design to ensure safe outdoor fun for kids and adults alike.
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      Yes, the ladder for our outdoor trampoline is designed to be installed at the front. This placement allows for easy and safe access, providing a convenient entry and exit point for users.

      Yes, each of our trampolines comes with a one-year warranty for parts, and we also offer a variety of replacement parts for purchase. To view and buy available parts, please click here.

      • Maximus 8ft Outdoor Trampoline = 330 Pounds

      • Maximus 10ft Outdoor Trampoline = 330 Pounds

      • Maximus 12ft Outdoor Trampoline = 330 Pounds